SAI Fresh Farms, Inc.
Divinely Delicious...... About SAI
SAI FRESH FARMS was started by founders who have immense passion in agriculture. It is a state-of-the-art glass greenhouse located in South Central Pennsylvania. Seedless mini-cucumbers are cultivated using state-of-the-art technology, and responsible growing practices. Goal of its founders is to deliver fresh produce to consumers' dinner table. Our Certifications SAI Fresh Farms is certified by USDA for Good Agricultural Practices/Good Handling Practices and is Pennsylvania Preferred agricultural enterprise. Our Commitment SAI Fresh follows best agricultural practices - 100% sustainable agricultural operation, use biological pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers which are free of microorganisms. It never uses any restricted systemic pesticides or herbicides. Quality is paramount for us. We grow seedless mini-cucumbers using high-wire system unlike traditional umbrella system used by majority of the growers. It is very labor-intensive process as cucumbers grow very fast. However, the end result is significantly superior quality seedless mini-cucumbers. This shows our commitment to stand out from others in delivering highest quality seedless mini-cucumbers to your dinner table. Food safety policies are rigorously implemented. We never touch seedless mini-cucumbers with bare hands - all staff wear one-time use disposable gloves.